Reason for establishment

Tam Thanh is a commune of Tam Kỳ city, 7 km east of Tam Kỳ city center (Quảng Nam). With the advantages of a very special natural landscape, one side of the river, one side of the sea, combined with friendly people, culture, history and traditional folk festivals bearing the cultural identity of the people of the sea. Tam Thanh has advantages of development in both agriculture, fishery and marine tourism. Tam Thanh commune has been identified as a potential area for ecotourism and cultural tourism development. It is an attractive destination among Tam Ky tourist attractions, including: The Vietnam Heroic Mother Monument, Song Dam lake, Ky Anh Tunnels, Van Thanh Khong Mieu, etc.

In recent years, Tam Thanh has started to attract more and more domestic and foreign tourists. Along with the policy of developing community-based ecotourism in Tam Thanh with the highlight of Bich Hoa Village, it is opening opportunities for Tam Thanh to develop and associate with tourism development. After the birth of Bich Hoa Village, many types of accompanying services and arts were also born such as: basket boat road, Bach Hoa village, Ong Oi hill observatory, Homestay service gradually developed. All these types of services have been satisfied and praised by many visitors when coming to Tam Thanh.

In 2017, Tam Thanh Community Art Village achieved very respectful results such as: The first and the most collection of basket paintings organized by Vietnam Record Organization organized by Vietnam Record Organization. Vietnam; Awarded the Asian landscape award. These are very important premises for Tam Thanh to continue promoting the development of the local tourism industry in the coming time.

Besides the advantages, the tourism industry in Tam Thanh has many difficulties and limitations that need to be overcome. In recent years, Tam Thanh has not fully exploited the local potential and advantages to promote tourism development. Tourism products are monotonous, rudimentary, duplicated, service quality is low, there are not many activities for recreation, entertainment, relaxation and experience to create a sense of excitement and attraction to retain visitors. Professional qualifications and skills of tourism workers have not met the requirements. The tourism services of Bich Hoa Tam Thanh Village currently develop spontaneously, fragmented, small, service quality is not high.

To continue promoting the potentials and advantages inherent in the development of the local tourism industry, the establishment of Tam Thanh Community Cooperative is extremely necessary. This is the basis for promoting service economy to develop in the right and sustainable manner. Cooperatives will be the link between fishing village people and businesses and consumers. On the other hand, is a development focal point to attract tourists, towards community goals, related to job creation, raising the income of local people, preserving and promoting literary values. Traditional chemistry, environmental protection.

HTX name: Tam Thanh Community Cooperative

English name: Tam Thanh Community Cooperative

Logo: Be Suong Rong.


Business registration field:

  • Community tourism service
  • Agricultural services
  • Producing and trading in handicraft industry
  • Beverage service, culinary services
  • Trading in agricultural and forestry products.
  • Civil construction, public works.
  • Road transport, waterway.


Becoming one of Asia’s leading ideal destinations for pristine landscapes and everyday life of the sea.


Commitment to bring the pristine coastal space, embellished by the community art village to create a sense of closeness and friendliness with everyone.

Overall objectives

Contributing to the formation and development of Tam Thanh community tourism services, creating a link to attract tourists to the locality to improve household economic income for the community.

Detail goal

  • mprove the quality of locally available community services such as basket boat experience in drag and drop net, homestay service, experience in making fish sauce, knitting experience, etc. meet the requirements of serving visitors.
  • Establish and develop new activities and services to enhance customer satisfaction and attract night visitors in Tam Thanh.