As a princess is sleeping forget, Tam Thanh awakens in a new day with amazing beauty and attracted visitors to visit the remains of rustic, unconventional fat, Tam Thanh pioneered in The country brought art into the living space with the first mural village, the art space arranged with the community “The first and most beautiful basket boat pictures” is recognized Vietnam record of 111 paintings on the boat It shows the spirit of Tam Thanh people. Come to Tam Thanh not only see a beautiful painting by nature that you are living that feel. You feel the saltiness of the sea, you smell the characteristic smell of fish sauce, and live with, experience the daily work of a fisherman family.

Service of basking boat on Truong Giang River, Tam Thanh commune

– Route of operation:

From Ha Thanh 2 wharf (slope of  Mr.Oi Hill – the place where the art of basketboat is located) to the Trung Thanh River (at the end of the Mural village which the slope area of ​​Mr. Dzu Hill), the length of 1500 metter, or vice versa.

–  Daily operating time:

Morning: 8h00 -11h00

Afternoon: 14h30 – 17h30

– Service price: 10 USD / hour / boat, basket. A basket of two people

Fishing service (serving needles and bait): Surcharge 1 USD / boat, basket.

– Service of drop fishing net: 2 USD/ boat, basket

– Fishing Nets Lift: 3 USD / times for groups of less than 5 people; VND 5 USD / times for groups of more than 5 persons

Note: priority for the those guest’s booking before one day.