Discover Phu Ninh Resort (Quang Nam)

One morning at dawn to wake up, people, Phu Ninh (Quang Nam) stop the natural way to watch Chien Dan Tower. Cham architectural beauty with tower rims underline moss, modern dancers on the splendid reliefs. Then follow the fork Ky Ly back to visit family west Chien Dan, pavilion symbolizes Vietnamese culture persisted for talented imprint of carpenter Van Ha.

From the stage of the journey takes visitors on Mieu Bong gold mine Cham been exploited, geographical site where the old press has described that “In the mountain of gold, along with Duc Bo zinc, copper in place of Truong Cuu , Waterfall Mui, stone Chat, Waterfall Trang … “. Bong Mieu been French exploiting that question who sing Quang endureth forever: “From the West back Cua Han / peach river Cau Nhi, Bong Mieu gold.” Last day on the resort of Phu Ninh, wandering fishing, then choose a few islands in 30 islands floating on the lake feet away camping. Just 7 kmTam Ky City and Phu Ninh lake landscape to the wild jungle, waterfall flows down from the mountains. You will feel the quiet and peaceful capital “is rare to find” in urban place.

Phu Ninh alone – a “miniature of Ha Long Bay”, maybe for the weekend, by Phu Ninh is irrigation works can accommodate nearly half a billion cubic meters of water, was started in 1977 and completed after nearly 10 years of construction, with an area of 3433 ha large lake, with their 142 herbs, 148 species of mammals (including 14 rare species recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam). Phu Ninh wandering in the afternoon to hear the smell of fish grilled over aromatic lost, calling back Da Den hill, but base sipping disengaged. The worries of everyday life will settle down to make room for a relaxing, comfortable when you arrive in Phu Ninh lake resort.

In Chap Tra valley, between the quiet lake with an open pit mineral water source circuit cure many diseases of muscles and joints, liver, bile, digestive … The climate here is very fresh, even during hot weather most also saw cool. Just so that this area has attracted the flying birds from different parts of the residence with abundant vegetation, lush.

Go to Phu Ninh, you not only stylish travel payees style combines culture – ecological but also can take the tourist route through the point source of historical connection Khanh Tho forbidden forest, Coc Ba Cay, Ao Lay, Ky Thinh, Cam Khe and Ky Anh (Tam Thang, Tam Ky) – a tunnel filled with myths about the war in the ground with the persistence of human health no less Vinh Moc, Cu Chi ..

Leaving Tay Loc to Co Bay valley, through the fields along the slopes of the mountain, and then through Eo Gio, the sticky idea people Co lingering smoke dusk. It is a space full of air, full of smog by settling on mountain bearing if President …

(Source: Nhan Dan Newspaper)

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