Immerse in the wild beauty of Tam Hai island, Quang Nam

Located 40 km forward southeast of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province, Tam Hai island make an impression on visitors because of the wild beauty of nature and the true love of the people here.

Tam Hai island – The “Ly Son” version in Quang Nam

Located separate from the bustle of the city by the poetic Truong Giang river, what visitors feel when first coming to Tam Hai is a peaceful, gentle feature. Tam Hai scored in the hearts of visitors with long sea and rows of tall green coconut, covered with shadows on the white sand.

Walking around the beach, watching the daily life rhythm of fishermen here – Which is boat, boat, basket, fishing, net,etc.

It is no coincidence that Tam Hai island is compared with the name “Ly Son version”. Ban Than rock have many similarities with To Vo gate (Ly Son district, Quang Ngai). From Ban Than, visitors can take a view at the surrounding small islands with colorful coral reefs – Da Chim, Pineapple, Mang Island,etc.

The sparkling black rocks, many mysterious shapes are given by the hand of nature mother

Discover the life of fishermen in Tam Hai painting village

It is no exaggeration to say that Tam Hai island as a paradise has not awakened, available in its idyllic beauty, wildness of nature, Tam Hai is gradually “awakened” by the talented hands of human.

Visitors “check-in” at Tam Hai painting village in a happy way

Inspired by Tam Thanh painting village, students of Polytechnic University, Da Nang meticulously turned the daily lives of fishermen here into unique murals.

The beauty of nature, the people of Tam Hai island are conveyed through each brush stroke

Tam Hai Island will surely make an ideal destination for those who need a break.

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