Revitalizing Tam Thanh fish sauce trade village

After a long standstill, even at risk of loss. But in recent years, Tam Thanh traditional fish sauce trade village (Tam Ky City) has returned and developed strongly.

The craft of making traditional fish sauce in Tam Thanh commune has not been remembered since anyone knows, only knows that Tam Thanh fish sauce trade village is one of the famous delicious fish sauce brands. Experiencing many ups and downs but still retaining the typical traditional flavor.

Tam Thanh traditional fish sauce craft village is gradually being revived and strongly developed.

Having worked for 25 years in making fish sauce, Ms. Kieu Thi Ngoc Loan (44 years old, in Ha Thanh 2 village, Tam Thanh commune) said that the whole village now has more than 40 small establishments according to household size, all Exported by the traditional method, no additives are used in production. Raw materials to create fish sauce are anchovies, anchovies after purchasing at Tam Thanh beach, they are put into a jar of salt with a formula of 2 kg of fish, then remove 1 kg of salt.

“Fish sauce, after being filtered out of debris, can be brought to Tam Ky City to give to restaurants for 50,000 VND / liter. Besides, there are also many customers in neighboring provinces such as Da Nang and Quang Ngai who come to the facility to buy. Thanks to this job, my family can send their children to school to where they are going, while also preserving their father’s traditional job, ”said Loan.

Along with Ms. Loan’s fish sauce establishment, dozens of other fish sauce making establishments in Tam Thanh commune are also hustling production in an urgent and bustling atmosphere to serve consumer needs this Tet. .

At the facility of Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Lan’s family (55 years old), anchovy salts are being filtered out. Opening the lid of salted anchovy bowl for nearly 1 year, giving off a fragrant aroma, she said: “Anchovies after being put into a jar of salt about 10 – 12 months, then they can distill the first drops of fish sauce to sell. As time goes on by the end of the year, the production of fish sauce is also more busy, along with a lot of traders who come to order purchasing from the whole month ago.
Also according to Ms. Lan, sometimes many establishments making fish sauce here have thought about closing. In addition to anchovy material scarcity, unstable output market, again the brand name fish sauce fierce competition. The promotion, branding and how to do it are still small and fragmented, which has made many people making traditional fish sauce flutter. They fear that someday, traditional villages will be lost and lost.
“From 2010 until now, Tam Thanh traditional fish sauce trade village has begun to revive and develop again. With the traditional way of processing, ensuring food safety, Tam Thanh fish sauce is gradually received by the market for its delicious, rich flavor. At present, the fish sauce in my village is selling very well. At the end of the year, no matter how high the price is, there will be no goods to sell, ”Ms. Lan shared.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh – Chairman of Tam Thanh People’s Committee said that Tam Thanh traditional fish sauce trade village is gradually being revived and strongly developed. Thanks to this trade village, many local households have moved out of poverty and have a stable source of income for the family economy. Besides, it also solves jobs for many local workers.
“Fish sauce is produced by hand so it does not use chemicals, so the storage process is not long. Last time Tam Thanh fish sauce is very popular market. Currently the locality has also advised, to help some households outside the complex have not been tested for quality. Along with that, supporting some capital sources for people to improve designs of Tam Thanh fish sauce products and encourage households to expand production scale to maintain this traditional trade village, ”Mr. Binh said. more.

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