Tam Thanh Beach is wild and idyllic beauty in Quang Nam

Quang Nam has not only beautiful Hoi An ancient town but also many famous beaches which are always praised by tourists. Besides the famous beaches which are always crowded with people, Tam Thanh beach has its own beauty because of its simplicity and tranquility.

Tam Thanh Beach still retains its wild and idyllic beauty (Photo collection)

Located about 7km to the east of Tam Ky Quang Nam city, Tam Thanh beach is nestled quietly behind the breakwater forest with a tranquil and wild scene due to the untouched nature of tourism. calendar. From the rows of green coconut trees on the beach, to the clear blue water, the gentle waves on the sand stretching for kilometers, all make an idyllic setting, extremely suitable for a “hidden” trip. City, work to come here to relax this weekend.

A peaceful scene on the beach (Photo collection)


Fishing boats of fishermen parked on the beach (Photo collection)

In the early morning, go to the beach to watch the sunrise on the sea, you can also catch the returning fishing boat of the coastal fishermen here, choose to buy the fresh and fresh seafood caught on small boats to have A really “seafood party” for the sea.

Fishing boats returning early in the morning (Photo collection)

Currently, within the tourism development framework of the local government, many activities have been developed here such as beach games, boat racing, art exhibitions for the purpose of introduction, promotion promote the traditional cultural values of Quang land. In particular, the most outstanding is the Tam Thanh Sea Tourism Week that attracts visitors from near and far to play, explore the idyllic beauty of the scenery here, explore cuisine as well as learn cultural values. system.

Photo exhibition to promote the cultural beauty here (Collected photos)


Kite flying festival is held right on the beach (Photo collection)

Tam Thanh beach, though not having the bustling bustle or gorgeous beauty like other beaches, is the simple and simple feature that becomes an attractive point as well as a very unique cultural beauty.

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