Tam Thanh beach not only has a mural village

You can spend two days in Tam Thanh, about 40 km from Hoi An, to visit the fishing village, go to fish market early, or go swimming.

Tam Thanh beach is about 10 km from Tam Ky city, which is a part of the sea route of more than 50 km from Cua Dai to Tam Hai in Quang Nam province. This beach has not been much affected, so the sand is still smooth and white, wide, the sea is gentle, does not subside. People here consciously keep the beach clean, no phenomenon of peddling, rowing. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon, many people in Tam Ky city and surrounding areas came here to swim.

Coming to Tam Thanh, tourists cannot miss a visit to the mural village of Trung Thanh village, the first mural village in Vietnam, painted by the artistic hands of Korean artists.

The color paintings after two years are also mixed with rain and sunshine and are about to be redrawn under the sponsorship of Korea. The small but peaceful fishing village is blessed with nature on one side, the Truong Giang River, the other on the sea.

Also here, in addition to fishing, people also make traditional fish sauce. In the village, there are about 20 small fish sauce manufacturing establishments, according to household size, traditional production methods, without using flavoring or preservative additives. The fish sauce here is rated by tourists as delicious, delicious and in amber color.
Coming to the mural village, you can stay at the homestay opened by the people, live in the peaceful scenery of the village, experience the craft of fish sauce manually, enjoy the fresh seafood dishes. If you like you can also ask for a camp, light a fire on the village beach, or ask to follow the fishing trips near the shore of the fishermen.

About 6 km from Tam Thanh beach is Tam Tien beach, Nui Thanh is famous for Tam Tien fish market, is a focal point to provide seafood for Tam Ky city and southern Quang Nam. The market meets in the morning right on the beach. To admire the bustling fish market in the morning and record beautiful photos, you should come here from the dawn to experience the atmosphere of the bustling fish market of the people in the sea.

In Tam Thanh do not forget to spend time going to Tam Hai island commune, Nui Thanh district, a new tourist destination and has many interesting features. There are two ways to get to Tam Hai island commune, if you take a motorbike then come to Tam Tien ferry, 15 km away from Tam Thanh, and your car goes to Highway 1 via Tam Quang ferry to Tam Hai island at Ky Ha port.

Tam Hai island commune with one side borders Truong Giang river, 3 sides facing the sea like a peaceful oasis. This place is also known as the coconut island because it is famous for thousands of green coconut trees.

Coming to Tam Hai island commune, you can rent a motorbike to go around the island, visit Tam Hai mural village with countless colorful murals …

… or visit Ban Than rock rapids with special geological structure, dubbed Ly Son of Quang Nam by quite similar to the beach on Ly Son islet. It has beautiful pristine beaches suitable for outdoor camping such as Mang Islet and Pineapple Islet. You can rent a boat of the people to play on this island. The famous scenic clusters “Ban Than rock rapids, Mang islands, Pineapple islands” have been recognized as provincial landscapes.

5 km away from Tam Thanh beach towards Tam Ky city, you can visit the monument of Vietnamese heroic mother Nguyen Thi Thu, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam with 9 sons, one son-in-law, two Grandchildren sacrificed in the resistance against France and America.

After hours of moving, visiting or returning to Tam Thanh for swimming, you can enjoy fresh seafood, do not miss the flying fish, familiar folk dish of Quang people. Summer is also the season for flying fish. Newly caught fish, lightly salted and grilled lemongrass chili peppers on charcoal, wrapped with green vegetables dipped in salt and green chili peppers, added a few cans of cold beer, on the windy coast, how refreshing.

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