Tam Thanh Mural Village – Tam Ky – Quang Nam

By the sponsor of Noroo Nanpao Paints & Coatings  (Vietnam) and the works of talented artists, more than 100 houses in the small and isolated fishing village in Quang Nam was renovated to become a lively and astonishing area with beautifully painted pictures. It is the first mural village in Vietnam.

On June 28, Quang Nam People’s Committee in collaboration with the Korean Embassy in Vietnam and a number of non-governmental organizations inaugurated the Korean-Vietnamese Community Art Exchange Project in Tam Thanh Commune (Tam Ky City). The project was completed after more than 20 days of launch, carried out by dozens of Korean volunteers.

Taking samples from the famous mural villages in Korea, the project is expected to help the local people promote tourism development, raise the awareness of environmental protection after completion.

More than 100 houses in Trung Thanh hamlet (Tam Thanh commune) were selected for drawing.

The children of the fishing village enjoy the beautiful 25-year-old artist Oh Ye Seul painting on the wall. Oh Ye Seul, a freelance artist in Korea, has been involved in mural village projects by painting murals, or making videos. After hearing about the Korean – Vietnamese Community Art Project, she immediately signed up to have the opportunity to come to Vietnam.

“Before only known Vietnam through television, but when I came here I was really attracted, impressed by both the scenery and the Vietnamese people. The people are very simple and friendly,” the female artist shared. .

The owner of the house was moved by the picture of all family members by the wall. The man working as a seamstress with his wife and two small children is depicted in the painting. Korean volunteers said that because the weather in Vietnam these days was too hot, it was difficult to compose.

The old mosaic wall was covered in bright colors.

A barbershop in the fishing village of “skin change”. This is the first mural village in Vietnam.

Portrait of host on wall. The volunteers said that Trung Thanh was selected as a mural village because of its high population density. Adjacent houses are easy to impress and show vivid pictures. The pictures are rich with themes including natural landscapes, daily life, culture of the people of the sea village and funny cartoon characters for children.

According to Mr. Park Kyoung Chul, Chief Representative of Korea International Foundation in Vietnam, the project is an opportunity to exchange and share artistic ideas, experience in organizing and developing community arts between the two countries. . Volunteers want to contribute to changing the appearance of a village, promoting tourism development, helping local people to live in a true cultural and artistic space and raising awareness, responsibility, people’s pride.

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