Thanh Ha Pottery Village – A peaceful destination in Quang Nam

Located on Thanh Ha Street, Hoi An, Thanh Ha Pottery Village is a long-standing traditional village of Quang Nam, visitors can explore the cultural beauty as well as make souvenirs by themselves.

Thanh Ha – A traditional craft villages of Quang Nam

Located on the Thu Bon River, 3km from the ancient town of Hoi An to the West, from Hoi An Street to Vinh Dien Street along Duy Tan Street, visitors will see a signpost leading to the pottery village. Thanh Ha pottery village is over 500 years old (from 1516). The most glorious period of this ceramic brand was when the commercial port of Hoi An was still bustling.

Thanh Ha pottery has its own characteristics, made from brown, solid, flexible clay with high adhesion.
After shaping, the pottery is brought to the sun to dry quickly
The products are decorated with vibrant motifs

Visitors can admire the process of making products by traditional artisans. By ingenuity and ingenuity, the artisans shape the land mass on the turntable, so then bring the product to the sun or let the wood stove dry quickly, put it into the kiln and finish. The firing process is also very important, the craftsman needs to control the strength of the fire and the firing time to perfect the product.

Making memories at Thanh Ha pottery village

In addition to observing the pottery process of artisans, visitors can also create their own unique ceramic products. With the enthusiastic guidance of artisans, visitors will learn through molding, shaping clay on the turntable, skillfully adjusting fingers to produce a certain shape.

A pictures of craftsmen of traditional craftsmanship “immersed her soul into the clay”

Some information

Address: Pham Phan, Block 5, Thanh Ha Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam

Opening hours: 8:30 – 17:30

Transportation: can be traveled by motorbike, car or bicycle

Entrance ticket:

– Children, pupils and students: VND 15,000 / person

– Adults: VND 30,000 / person

Ticket price includes: Discovering the relics of Nam Dieu Mausoleum, Dinh Xuan My relics, watching ceramic artisans, experiencing the pottery yourself

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